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2019 is a new start, as with other goals and lists, the New Year is the best new starting point for goals to most. It's inspiring each other, being positive and having a great start! With those goals, comes muscle tension with workouts. Rehydrate as you work the body. Immune benefits from Massage Therapy along with all the new year goals. If you're considering trying massage let me tell you it's the best decision and investment in your health and beyond just muscle and tissues.

The body is made up of many organ systems.  You will need these systems to function at their peak to be able to perform, recover and gain momentum. They include the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, circulatory, immune (Lymphatic), nervous, and reproductive systems.  Together, these systems allow us to grow, reproduce, and maintain life. You want to be in the strongest health to balance, and massage is a great way to help the mind and body as a whole to function and recover best. The body is mostly water, so be sure to restore, renew and recover soon. Next subjects will be on Anxiety and Fatigue.

I use to write small blogs, and as I pick back up I hope to improve a new beginning allowing myself more time to research, and share my knowledge about the body from a Massage Therapists perspective. Happy New Year!